What does Saudi Arabia know that we don’t?

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According to IHS Jane’s, Saudi Arabia has jumped ahead of India as the world’s biggest importer of defense equipment. Statista says “Saudi arms imports increased 54 percent between 2013 and 2014, reaching $6.46 billion. To put the scale of the Middle East’s booming weapons trade into perspective, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates imported $8.6 billion of military equipment in 2014 – that’s more than the defense imports of Western Europe combined.”

Infographic: Saudi Arabia Has Become The World's Biggest Arms Importer | Statista

While the Obama administration is systemically decimating our military, taking our forces down to pre-World War II if not WWI levels, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates seem to be preparing for a gathering storm – and there are a bunch of other countries on that list we wouldn’t necessarily consider BFFs.

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Statista reports, “with the Kingdom reinforcing its armed forces to counter regional threats such as Iran and the Islamic State, weapons shipments are set to increase even further in volume. Ongoing deliveries of advanced weapons systems including F-15 and Typhoon fighter jets are going to boost imports 52 percent in 2015 to $9.9 billion.”

Saudi Arabia at least understands empty platitudes and rhetoric have never won a war. You must fight force with force.

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