Turkish president: Israel seeking pure state just like Hitler [VIDEO]

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There’s been talk about America seeking assistance from Turkey to be a part of a coalition against ISIS.

Well, I think that after you watch this video from a campaign rally held by Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan from August 3, 2014, you’ll be convinced “that dawg don’t hunt.”

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Hat tip to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) for the video and the English translation. After listening to this incendiary speech ranting against Israel — and even the United States — I don’t think we should be referring to Turkey — at least the Erdogan government — as friendly to America. Erdogan is no longer hiding his Islamist leanings.

And to think we want this as a part of NATO? I would think the South Florida Jewish Congressional delegation would call for sanctions against Turkey, and assuredly censure of Erdogan and his comments.

I just have to tell ya, he knows he was taped and that his comments would be translated. Doesn’t seem that he cares. So much for the dream of a secular Islamic Nation and the hopes of Kemal Ataturk. Looks like Erdogan wants the restoration of the Ottoman Empire. And we all know the horrific imperialistic genocides committed by the Ottomans.

Oh by the way, I believe our president, Barack Hussein Obama, spoke of Erdogan as his friend.
Pence makes bold vow on HUGE Trump campaign promise

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