TSA releases SHOCK statistic on airport screening as vacation season peaks

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Why, prior to boarding a commercial flight, are we taking off shoes, throwing away perfectly good bottles of lotion and tubes of toothpaste, having people behind a screen look at images of our naked junk and instructing other people to feel us up if they don’t like what they see?

Because the U.S. Transportation Security Agency is there looking out for you and your safety, right? Well if you live in or fly into or out of MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport) don’t be so sure.

A recent TSA report has unveiled that agents working MSP failed 95 percent of the security tests put to it by U.S. Homeland Security. That’s a mighty big number. A report was filed by The Blaze:

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“Transportation Security Administration agents at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota were found to have failed 95 percent of the security tests put to it by “Red Team,” a group of auditors disguised as everyday passengers that work for the inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security.

According to KVRR-TV, “Red Team” went into the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in late June with a collection of banned items that are not supposed to be allowed on airplanes. KVRR said that the items should have easily been noticed by TSA agents during typical security checks, including “explosive devices, fake weapons, and drugs.”

However, Red Team reported to Fox affiliate KQDS that 17 out of 18 times, the team was able to sneak past the contraband items without any trouble. The team said they had to stop the tests when the failure rate reached 95 percent, though they did not explain why.

Red Team handed this report to KQDS the day before the July 4 weekend. Some 3.5 million passengers were expected to fly out of MSP that weekend.”


As we know, speaking the truth will nowadays get you called a bigot but the truth is the larger a Muslim population a city, state or nation has, the greater risk of terrorist activities.  As war-torn nations of Africa and the Middle East continue to export asylum seekers, Muslim populations in America are going up.  Refugees from Somalia and other war and terrorism hotbeds have steadily been pouring into two of our northern states: Michigan and Minnesota.

Just last September a man who was a member of Minnesota’s Somali-Muslim community slashed his way through a shopping mall hospitalizing nine before being shot by a cop. It’s enough to make this TSA failure seem especially dour:

“This is not the first time TSA failed these security tests at MSP airport. Red Team also conducted these same tests in April 2016, and had similar results, with TSA failing to detect banned items nine out of 12 times.

ABC reported in 2015 that Red Team members would put items on their person, such as fake bombs, weapons, or drugs, and walk through TSA checkpoints to test the effectiveness of airport security. According to ABC, one Red Team member was waved through by security after he had set off a magnetometer, and the TSA agent failed to detect the mock explosive strapped to his back during the pat-down.

During a much larger investigation that occurred in 2015, the TSA was found to fail security tests by Red Team nationwide, with the team successfully sneaking through mock explosives and weapons 95 percent of the time.”

They failed to notice a FAKE BOMB?! Great, so while you and I are having our bottle of Vasoline Intensive Care with Aloe confiscated. guys are sliding by with with mock weapons. It’s like buying a guard dog but then keeping a muzzle on him 24/7 so he can neither bark nor bite. What’s the point?

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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