More troubling Veterans Administration news: Millions wasted in unauthorized purchases

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Last night on Fox News’ Kelly File, liberal progressive Alexis Johnson claimed the budget for the VA is the reason behind its failure to properly care for our vets. That’s laughable – unless you want to consider the amount the VA is wasting.

According to The Washington Times, the Department of Veterans Affairs is under fire again as a new watchdog report reveals the agency spent up to $85.6 million in taxpayer dollars on unauthorized commitments. The Veterans Affairs inspector general’s office reported that during fiscal years 2012 and 2013 the VA made about 15,600 potential unauthorized transactions because of inadequate warrant information, insufficient verification of cardholder warrant limitations, and insufficient training.

There is something systemically wrong in the Veterans Administration and this is not an if.

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The questionable purchases account for nearly 5 percent of the VA’s total $1.8 billion in cardholder commitments. In 2012, the VA institutionally approved thousands of questionable purchases made with the Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor instead of individually reviewing each purchase. According to the watchdog’s report, the VA cannot assure that cardholders protected the government’s interests when purchasing unapproved goods and services because there is no proof that the items were purchased at a fair price.

Apparently there’s no system of checks for government cardholders and a process of monthly or even weekly reconciliations of purchases being made by these cardholders. I’m quite sure we, American taxpayers, may never know the real dollar figure, but the prevailing point is that these purchases evidence further government wasteful spending — spending that should be going to care for our veterans.

I fear it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

New report comes out guaranteed to IRRITATE Trump's critics

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