THIS is what happens when national security is based on campaign promises

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America finds itself in what may be the worst global security situation since the prelude to World War II.

My friends, that is not hyperbole.

In my first piece for as a contributor, I feel compelled to say “we are at a point where our allies feel abandoned and our enemies feel emboldened. I believe that this degraded situation emanates from one single mistake over the past six years – basing foreign policy and national security on election campaign promises.”

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“When President Obama proclaims that he was elected to “end wars,” he failed to realize that there are only two ways by which that occurs – victory or defeat. You cannot “end a war” by unilateral declaration that you are quitting – that only tends to empower an adversary.”

But of course Obama failed to acknowledge – to the detriment of our security and perhaps the very existence of Israel – that the enemy has a vote.

“The truth is that a campaign promise ushered in the reconstitution and resurgence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh.”

And now we must deal with the consequences. Yet Obama cannot even describe this enemy accurately, and is currently sitting down with Iran, the number one state sponsor of terrorism (still is, even though he’s taken them off the list), to placate the mullahs with some sort “deal.”

As I have mentioned many times, Neville Chamberlain was also motivated by politics and “war weariness.” He signed a document with Hitler proclaiming it would be bring peace for all time.

And we all know how that ended up.

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Pence makes bold vow on HUGE Trump campaign promise

Pence makes bold vow on HUGE Trump campaign promise

Here's MY question for Jared Kushner

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