Pakistan may try Musharraf for treason for subverting constitution

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Former Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf, who returned form self-imposed exile in March of this year, has been detained and may be tried for high treason. According to a story in the Washington Post,

If a special judicial panel agrees to proceed, it will mark the first time that Pakistan has tried someone on charges of high treason, defined as conspiring to “abrogate or subvert or suspend” the country’s constitution.

But the decision by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government could fuel new discord in the country, where some residents still look back at Musharraf’s tenure as one of relative security and economic stability.

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In addition, there are those who believe this action could increase a political divide in Pakistan that is currently experiencing sectarian violence. One of the “crimes” of which Musharraf has been accused was the military attack against a mosque that harbored Islamic jihadists — something that I would agree with. The punishment for Musharraf, if found guilty, would be the death penalty.

Musharraf was an ally, of sorts, for the US after the 9-11 attacks and came to power in a 1999 military coup. There is one thing for certain: strength evokes stability in these Islamic countries, especially where Islamists elements exist. Egypt is a good example. And we will never forgive Jimmy Carter for not supporting the Shah of Iran, since his downfall gave us the Ayatollahs.

It will be interesting to hear the “official” response from the White House or State Department on this issue. And I obviously know what some of you are thinking…

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