Obama the absolutist

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America doesn’t have a president but an absolutist who has no ability to govern, and therefore prefers to rule without opposition. Even recent polls show the young millennials are no longer fawning over Obama. The facade of the Potemkin village has eroded and the failure is exposed.

This week we witnessed a House Judiciary committee hearing on the unconstitutional overreach of President Obama and the executive branch. In response we witnessed a desperate and threatened President resort to the politics of divisiveness instead of leading.

We heard the President assert that successful major policy changes occur in America only when one party has a complete majority (because it works so well in China or Russia). Obama referred to the New Deal of Roosevelt and the Great Society of Johnson, both huge progressive policy initiatives. But the New Deal did not restore our economy, per Roosevelt’s own Treasury Secretary Morgenthau. And the lasting effects and unintended consequences of the Great Society are the expansion of the welfare nanny-state, and the decimation of inner city black communities and families.

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However, my concern is what will be the level of implosion and extent of damage this incompetent President and administration will cause our Republic? This week the Obama administration and their union comrades showed us the level of disruption and damage they’re willing to inflict.

The push to raise the minimum wage to $15 would be economically destabilizing — and of course these protests were mainly in large urban areas. The last thing you need in those areas is more jobs lost and hours cut. Workers must understand the minimum wage job is not meant to be a career, it’s an entry-level position.

Once again, progressive socialists seek to manipulate the low- to no-information voters. Rather than fomenting discord regarding social or economic justice, we should be focusing on sound economic policy – but sadly, that’s not President Obama’s strong suit.

This week in Ohio, Georgia and the Carolinas, I heard many Americans say they want leaders who will fight against the slow, steady assault on our economy and culture. But this week we were introduced to Obama’s desperate scorched earth policies. The next battle for this nation’s soul comes in November of 2014. We must stand together to defend our nation against Obama’s Marxist/socialist agenda.
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