North Korea publicly executes 80: why we should care

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I felt it necessary to remind everyone never to take for granted the freedoms we possess. According to South Korean sources as reported by Fox News, 80 people were publicly executed in North Korea for simply viewing videos from the South or for possessing Bibles.

It seems the executions were spread out over several cities where the victims had hoods placed over their heads, were tied to stakes, and then machine- gunned to death.

When you consider the lineage of Kim Jong Un, it should be no surprise this continues to happen in the closed Stalinist regime. However, the question is when will the world face up to this and stop allowing North Korea to perpetuate their system of international extortion?

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For the United States this is a bi-partisan issue as countless presidential administrations have continued to send aid to North Korea every time they talk about firing missiles.

One of the key ingredients to this chilling situation is that North Korea continues to be sponsored by China, and of course China holds approximately 28% of our debt. This is one example of how our exorbitant debt affects our foreign policy.

Each time the words “economic sanctions” arise in relation to North Korea, the regime threatens military action stating they view sanctions as an act of war. Well, sanctions are a tool of national power. Funny, we fear instituting sanctions against North Korea and we are seeking to end sanctions against Iran, both of whom are in collusion to develop nuclear capacity and delivery means.

Now, I know some might be saying, “this post is boring.” But that is exactly my fear for America, that we dismiss or do not pay attention to the ever-growing threats to our liberty and freedom.
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