New Hampshire poll has STUNNING results for Jeb Bush

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This can’t be encouraging.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows support for Jeb Bush has collapsed in the last few weeks. It may surprise no one except Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly that Donald Trump has a commanding lead in the latest New Hampshire poll, but what the numbers show for the previously presumptive front runner are breathtaking… the wrong way.

Only 38 percent of primary voters have a favorable opinion of Jeb Bush, with
41 percent having a negative one. Only 3 percent say he’s their first choice for the nomination, putting him in a tie for 8th place with that group, according to PPP’s release.

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The results also note:

> New Hampshire makes another state where Ben Carson is the most well liked Republican, with 62 percent rating him favorably to 17 percent who have a negative opinion. Carly Fiorina is not far behind him at 58/19. Besides those two and Trump, the only otherRepublican seen positively by a majority of primary voters is Marco Rubio at 50/27.

> Besides Bush, Huckabee, and Paul other Republican hopefuls with negative favorabilities even among the GOP electorate in New Hampshire are Lindsey Graham at 20/43 (-23), Chris Christie at 35/46 (-11), Jim Gilmore at 4/13 (-9) George Pataki at 27/32 (-5), and Rick Perry at 34/37 (-3).

When asked who is the first choice for the Republican nomination, “undecided” ties with Christie, Rubio and Cruz at four percent (ouch). The top three candidates in double digits are Trump (35 percent), Kasich (11 percent) and Fiorina (10 percent). Bush and Walker are tied at seven percent and Carson is at six percent.

As far as Paul, Perry, Santorum, Pataki, Graham Huckabee and Jindal? Well, it could be time for some serious soul-searching.

One things for certain — it sure will be interesting to see who’s at the “grown-up’s table” at the next debate!

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