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MSNBC Poll Asks Viewers if Hillary Should be President, Backfires BIG TIME

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Poll numbers are tricky indicators. Depending on how the question is phrased you can get completely different answers. And of course you can stack the respondents a certain way to get a desired answer.

Which is why this new MSNBC poll is so…interesting.

A Rasmussen poll indicates 57 percent of likely voters think Hillary Clinton will be the next president. But that doesn’t mean they actually AGREE with the whole idea.

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In fact, according to this MSNBC poll, the overwhelming majority of respondents are NOT planning on voting for her.

poll results

The poll on MSNBC’s website appeared on Tuesday morning and currently shows that 86 percent of respondents would NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. Only 13 percent said they would and just two percent said “maybe.”

Of course the poll is “unscientific,” but I can’t believe it’s only conservative trolls who are stacking the deck on MSNBC’s website.

However, feel free to cast your vote here.

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