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Institutionalized racism? Arizona university offers course on the “Problem of Whiteness.”

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[Editor’s note: This article was not written by Allen West]

Arizona State University is offering an English course this semester that promises to explore critical race theory and the “problem of Jew-ness” in American literature and culture.


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No it’s not. Whew, right? I mean, how ridiculous would that be to have a class on the problem of “Jew-ness.” How offensive! Like, could you imagine the uproar if there were a class on the problem of “blackness?”

Except…Arizona State University IS offering a course on the problem of “whiteness.” For real. And they’re not talking about laundry.

According to Campus Reform, “at Arizona State University (ASU), students can now learn about the “problem of whiteness” in America.”

“The public university is offering an English class to its students this semester called “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.”

“According to the class description on ASU’s website, students will be reading The Possessive Investment in Whiteness, Critical Race Theory, Everyday Language of White Racism, Playing in the Dark, and The Alchemy of Race and Rights.”

Wow, that sounds fabulous. If there’s an everyday language of white racism, is there also white racist language more suited to formal occasions – black tie optional? Oh wait, can I say “black” tie? Or is that racist?

Folks, let me be honest. I’m white. I was born that way. I was also born with a uterus and a couple of ovaries. Into a Jewish home. So I will admit I’m biased on several fronts – and perhaps clueless as to what other non-white, non-female, non-Jewish folks have to deal with in their lives.

But I must say I have a problem with people who have a problem with my “whiteness” – just as I have a problem with people who have a problem with my boss, Allen West’s “blackness.”

Liberals are the first to scream racism, but they seem to spend every waking minute talking about race. What the heck is celebrating “diversity” other than putting people into boxes and making a big stink about their differences?

Shouldn’t we be talking about what it means to be an American? We no longer have institutionalized racism in this country. We may indeed still have racists, but if you watch this video, you’ll see they come in all colors.

An honest conversation about race doesn’t start with the problem of “whiteness” or the problem of “blackness.” It starts with an honest review of nurture versus nature, the culture of victimhood and the social and economic policies that engender it.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m certainly no expert. After all, I may be a Jewish female, which gets me some points in the minority department, but I’m also a white heterosexual, so clearly I have a lot to feel guilty about.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m sure if I watch The View or CNN, I’ll find out.

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