Latino children’s language skills lag behind by age 2

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Nature vs. nurture? That’s always the uncomfortable question as to why certain ethnic groups in America succeed scholastically and economically, while others do not.

The answer definitely seems to be nurture, but it’s not going to make folks on the progressive left happy.

According to research conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, nine-month-old Latino babies have the same language and cognitive abilities as their white peers, but by the time they reach age 2, they lag significantly behind.

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But here’s the kicker.

The Washington Post reports, “The children of immigrant mothers tended to lag further behind than the children of Mexican-American mothers who were born in this country, a difference that researchers linked in part to immigrant mothers’ weaker education.”

Gee, ya think?

“In addition, native-born Mexican-American mothers tended to read more frequently with their children and use richer language with them.”

“It appears that acculturation exposes mothers to more inventive and stimulating educational practices in the home,” Fuller wrote in an e-mail.”

Anybody surprised by this? I’m certainly not. In the early 1900’s when immigrants came to the United States, they wanted to become AMERICANS. They wanted to assimilate, speak English and embrace American culture. They sought the freedom to achieve and “make something of themselves.”

Now it’s different. Now it’s America that wants to embrace immigrant culture. We bend over backwards to provide multi-lingual education, signage, advertising, ballots, entertainment – you name it.

And what’s the result? The children who are not “acculturated” fall further behind their peers.

The Washington Post says “this is the first study to establish that Latino children start out with the same abilities as their white peers and then fall behind in the first few years of life. But similar data have been published for other groups, including African-American children, and there is a growing body of evidence that academic achievement gaps begin to open before children enter formal schooling.”

Which means it’s also a parenting issue, and a cultural issue. However, in typical leftist fashion, progressives think it’s a GOVERNMENT issue.

“In 2010, the Obama administration funded the nationwide expansion of home visiting programs, which aim to improve children’s outcomes by educating parents about subjects ranging from health and domestic violence to language development and school readiness.”

Yep, that’s right. If parents can’t do it, just turn the kids over to the government. Heck, why not start at birth?

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