Los Angeles Times gives ABSURD reason for endorsing Clinton

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Barely four days before the crucial California primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a statistical dead heat, according to the NBC/WSJ/Marist poll released Wednesday.

Bernie is simply not going away – although most pundits believe it’s doubtful he’ll get anywhere near the Democrat nomination.

So yesterday, California’s largest newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, perhaps unsurprisingly, threw its support to Hillary Clinton, giving her its endorsement.

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The Times said, “California’s Democratic primary owes a debt of gratitude to Bernie Sanders for a campaign that has emphasized issues that otherwise might have been ignored,” but nonetheless, the voters “should cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.”

What’s most puzzling however is the Times’ assertion that Clinton “represents a better candidate to take on Donald Trump.”

Have they not seen the polls? Currently the Real Clear Politics average has Clinton ahead of Trump by just 1.5 points – virtually a dead heat. And the spread has narrowed considerably over the months.


Meanwhile, a Sanders/Trump head-to-head match-up shows Sanders significantly ahead of Trump. In fact, there’s not a single national poll that shows Trump beating Sanders.


So it’s not clear what the LA Times editorial board is smoking, but it looks like they got it from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

In any event, if the polls are anything to go by, it also looks like Clinton is indeed the best bet…to get beat.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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