Gunman shoots 5 at Baltimore vigil; no witnesses will describe shooter

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Tragedy upon tragedy. When will the activists behind Black Lives Matter turn their anger to the epidemic of death and violence occurring in their own communities?

Early Sunday morning, 24-year-old, father of two, Jermaine Schofield was shot dead in his West Baltimore neighborhood. On Monday, his mother and about 25 other mourners held a candlelight street vigil to remember Schofield.

Their peace and reverie was destroyed when a gunman opened fire, shooting five people, four of them women. Thankfully, all injuries were described as non-life-threatening.

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The Daily Mail reports, Schofield’s mother Doreen and the rest of her family escaped without injury.

‘We only wanted to celebrate my son, and they’re shooting at us,’ Scofield told the Baltimore Sun.

‘What else is it you want? What else do you want? You got my son — and you’re still shooting at us because we have a candlelight vigil? When will it end?’

‘I’m tired. I’m tired,’ the mother added. ‘It’s innocent people being shot. Enough is enough.’

But there’s one key fact still missing from this story: the identity of the shooter.

Every report on this story so far says the same thing: “Police say witnesses weren’t able to give police a description of the shooter.”

Don’t think for a second the identity of this shooter wouldn’t be known if he’d been white.

After the Dallas massacre, Jay Stalien, a black police officer currently serving In Riviera Beach, Florida and formerly with the Baltimore Police Department, posted a lengthy and impassioned essay on his Facebook page. It’s well worth a read. But relevant to this specific tragedy he wrote:

I remember the countless times I canvassed the area afterwards, and asked everyone “did you see who did it,” and the popular response from the very same family members was always, “F**k the Police, I ain’t no snitch, I’m gonna take care of this myself.” This happened every single time, every single homicide, black on black.

There cannot be a single sane person of any color living in these United States who does NOT want inner city violence to end, who does NOT want more innocent lives lost, who does NOT want murder and crime to be reduced, who does NOT want fewer young black men dead, in jail, hopeless…

But for GOD’S sake, you have to start by helping yourself first!

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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