‘Trump Effect’ causes GOP to smash brand new record

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Since the day Trump took office, the media has been painting a grim picture of his presidency. Just a few days in, reports began circulating about his dismal approval numbers.

Not only that, Trump’s policies were so unpopular that a massive “resistance” movement was formed to protest him. From there, things just kept getting worse and worse for the new administration.

Of course, reality always has a funny way of ruining the liberal narrative. Despite the claim that Trump’s lack of popularity was sure to lead to the demise of the entire Republican Party, the exact opposite appears to be happening. In fact, President Trump’s leadership has led to record-breaking fundraising numbers.

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From the Daily Wire:

And then there are even more concrete results on the fundraising front. And by “concrete results” I, of course, mean things like actual votes and actual dollars raised, which continue to be, despite all the media’s wishcasting, more relevant to winning elections than, say, analysis from bubbled, blow-dried, serial-lying morons on your TV.

If you recall, back in May, despite all the media reports about Republicans demoralized by Ivan Don Trumpovich and Democrats being all fired up and ready to rock, both Parties broke fundraising records…except, you know, not the same kinds of records. Republicans broke a good record by raising a massive pile of cash. Democrats broke a Sad! record by raising less than half as much as the GOP.

Even more astonishing, Trump has helped galvanize fundraising for other members of the party leadership:

House Speaker Paul Ryan continued his record-setting fundraising pace in the spring, raking in as much in the off-year effort as he did in the contentious 2016 election period — and he still goes home on weekends to fish with his kids and meet with constituents.

Officials early Thursday said that the speaker raised $10.3 million in the second fundraising quarter, bringing his yearly take to $32.7 million.

The numbers are in stark contrast to the media, which has almost completely lost the trust of the American people. According to multiple polls, America’s trust in the media has never been lower. Moreover, a recent Harvard study found that most Americans believe the mainstream media is fake news.

Of course, the mainstream media won’t report these numbers, they’re too busy penning the Trump administration’s obituary. Sadly for them, the American people seem unlikely to read it.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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