Belgian prime minister makes STUNNING admission about machete attack.

Yesterday we reported that two Belgian policewomen were hacked with a machete by a man shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Thankfully, both women survived. The suspect was shot by a third officer and later died of his wounds.

Predictably, the Western press initially said, “The identity of the perpetrator and his motives are still unclear.”

Well, ISIS cleared up that little question and today took credit for the attack. And FINALLY Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said of the attack that “initial indications very clearly point towards terrorism.”

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DUH. says the attacker has been identified as a 33-year-old Algerian, who had resided in Belgium since 2012, and was known to police for criminal offenses, but not for terrorist links.

Lone wolf attacks with machetes, knives and axes against police and civilians have recently become more frequent in Europe, with similar incidents reported in France and Germany.

They are mainly carried by asylum seekers, who had recently arrived in Europe from the Middle East or Western Asia, with Islamic State claiming responsibility for many of the incidents.
But don’t you worry your pretty little head! Because our president has promised to keep us safe by letting in TEN THOUSAND “asylum seekers” from Syria.

And just last week, our Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson issued “temporary protected status” to Syrians, saying if they’re in the U.S. as of Monday and continue to reside here permanently, they can apply for work permits and other documents to remain and live in the U.S. without fear of being ousted. Woohoo!

However, it gets even better! Hillary has promised to increase Obama’s plan by 500 percent, increasing the number to SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND.

It took two days for Belgians to figure out a guy with a machete shouting “Allahu akbar” was probably a terrorist. It’s taken months, and hundreds of dead and wounded for Europeans to begin waking up to the cause and effect of throwing open their borders to tens of thousands of “asylum seekers.”

We’ve already had our own share of Islamist attacks in this nation. How many more American citizens must we bury before this madness ends? One thing is for certain, it will NOT end if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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