Gay designers Dolce and Gabbana come out against gay marriage and parenting

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I can’t afford Dolce and Gabbana clothes – unless they’re doing a special mini-collection with Target – but I’d certainly want to wear them with pride now. [Note: this is Michele Hickford writing, not Col. West]

Darlings of the fashion and entertainment industry! Fabulously wealthy! Fabulously gay!

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have “come out” to the world with their views on gay marriage and gay parenting, and darned if they don’t sound like….(gasp)… conservatives!

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In an interview with Italian magazine Panorama, the pair said, “The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented uterus. Life has a natural flow; there are things that cannot be changed.”

Quanto pazzesco!

According to Breitbart, they also said, “Procreation must be an act of love.”
“I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteri for rent, semen chosen from a catalogue,” Dolce stated.

Gabanna said, “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.”

The pair have long been outspoken about gay marriage. In 2013, when the LondonTelegraph asked them if they had ever considered getting married, they answered, “What? Never!” Dolce said, “I’m a practicing Catholic.”

Gabbana told the Daily Mail in 2006, “I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents.”

Not surprisingly, this got the sequined knickers of Elton John in a bit of twist. The music star who has fathered two children with husband David Furnish via rented uteri has called for a boycott of Dolce and Gabbana clothing and vowed never to wear it himself again.

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova who married her girlfriend late last year also tweeted her shock at “this ridiculousness” from the Italian designers.

Designer Tom Ford also recently weighed in on the pair’s comments, calling them “ignorant and insensitive” over their comments about IVF.

Yes, liberals do find it ridiculous when the progressive line is not properly followed. If you’re gay, you must be liberal, correct?

And woe betide you if you dare step off the luxuriously appointed plantation with an opinion contrary to the accepted dogma.

How DARE Dolce and Gabbana express their opinions about traditional families and their Catholic faith.

I mean, who do they think they are? Chick-fil-A?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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