ENTIRE CLASS of Seattle high school students sends an EPIC message to Obama

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Despite having their brains implanted with progressive mush, there may be hope for the youth of America after all – in ultra-liberal Seattle yet!

The entire junior class of Nathan Hale High School — 280 students in all – voted with their feet and did not show up to participate in Common Core-type reading and math exams last week.

As the Seattle Times reports:

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Testing started Tuesday at the school, where a group of teachers, administrators, parents and students had earlier agreed to boycott the exams, called Smarter Balanced, which are replacing Washington’s old statewide tests.

Under pressure from the district’s top administrators, the school’s leaders capitulated, sending an email to families saying they would give the test after all.

But the 280 juniors — who don’t need to pass the Smarter Balanced exam to graduate from high school — opted out anyway.

Half the juniors at three other Seattle high schools — Roosevelt, Ingraham and Garfield — have also opted out so far, according to early district estimates. But those numbers could change once testing starts, as they did at Nathan Hale, Howard said.

Seattle is not alone. Similar tests have sparked protests in Oregon, New Mexico and New York, among other places.

In Washington, families have the right to excuse their children from taking state exams, but only a handful in each grade usually do so.

It sure is nice to see some of America’s youth willing to stand for what they believe.

And just in case you forgot, Nathan Hale was the Revolutionary War hero who famously proclaimed, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” just before he was executed by the British for being a spy.

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