Egyptian woman: There are no human rights in Islam [VIDEO]

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Spend a few minutes if you can, learning about the real “War on Women.” It is a heartfelt story of an Egyptian woman, Amani Mustafa, who was forced to escape Egypt with her two children to escape Islam and live freely.

She talks about how Islam does not understand human rights. She tries to get us in the West to understand what it means for women to live under Islamic sharia law. For those who question where are the “moderate” voices — here is the voice of one who left Islam, as she states her own mother did as well.

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Of course Ms. Mustafa realized that for her and the welfare of her daughters, there was no future in Islam — so she converted to Christianity and found real freedom.

Ya know, if the GOP had any sense, they’d bring together women such as Ms. Mustafa, Brigitte Gabriel, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Julie Aftab, and Meriam Ibrahim, as well as countless others. They’d show the film “Honor Diaries” and then have a panel discussion about the real “War on Women.”

And guess what? Watch President Obama’s buddies at the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated CAIR throw a fit — and not hear a word of condemnation from the Democrat party,

Ok, Chairman Priebus and Co-Chairman Day, here is a winning proposal, and it is freely yours to execute and go on offense to evidence that Obama and his progressive socialist acolytes of the Democrat party are cultural Islamic jihadist enablers. These women have all fled Islamic countries for Growth, Opportunity, and Promise — all that for which the GOP stands.
Pence makes bold vow on HUGE Trump campaign promise

Pence makes bold vow on HUGE Trump campaign promise

Here's MY question for Jared Kushner

Here's MY question for Jared Kushner