Developing: Mass shooting in California, 12 confirmed DEAD. Suspects are…

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Oh God. Here we go again…

According to, “Local media are currently reporting that at least 20 people are injured and 12 dead after a shooting in San Bernardino.

SWAT have arrived on scene and are actively evacuating the area.

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San Bernardino Fire officials are reporting at least 20 victims in a shooting in the 1300 block of South Waterman.

The incident was initially reported in the 1300 block of S. Waterman Avenue, according to the San Bernardino Fire Department.”

However there is one report that the attack happened at a golf course.

The Right Scoop also says Fox News reports there are 12 fatalities and that ‘hostages’ were being escorted from the building. Fox also reports three white males in military style uniforms may have carried out the attack. The Sheriff has confirmed to Fox News that there were 1-3 suspects.

We pray for the victims, as we await more details. And we pray for our nation that this is happening all too often.

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