Dems fake ad to attack GOP candidate in Arizona (like this is news)

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You may recall the Democrat shenanigans in the Kansas Senate race, as we reported here. Not surprisingly, progressive socialists in Arizona seem to have the same fever. Remeber the ad and propaganda about former Governor Mitt Romney causing people to lose jobs and even alleging he was responsible for a woman’s death? Looks like they tried to do to the same in the Gubernatorial race in Arizona but, oops, got caught.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, “A new ad in Arizona attacks Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey, the former CEO of Cold Stone, for causing a group of the chain’s franchise owners to “lose everything.”

“However, all the victims presented in the spot are just stock photos from Getty Images. The misleading ad by Restore Arizona’s Future PAC was paid for with “major funding” from the Democratic Governors Association (DGA). The ad begins with four forlorn faces of former Cold Stone franchise owners who “lost everything” because of Ducey’s “dishonest business practices.”

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The problem is – ready? — the faces used were never Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners, oops! Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up, but it once again displays the lack of integrity and character of today’s progressive socialist Democrat party.

The misleading ad by Restore Arizona’s Future PAC was paid for with “major funding” from the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), check it out here.

The Beacon says “the ad’s first image, presented with the caption, “What if you lost everything?” was found to be a generic “Sad Woman” on Getty. The other woman presented in the ad also is a Getty “Sad Woman.” The group had many options, as Getty provides 795 pages of “Sad Woman” stock photos. Former Cold Stone franchisee number two is actually Getty’s “Mature Man.” The ad used a man from Getty’s “Why Series” as Ducey’s final victim. “Ducey made a fortune, they lost everything,” says the ad.”

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using stock photos but when you represent the people as something they’re not, then there is a problem. The inference is that these are indeed Cold Stone Creamery franchise owners who “lost everything.”

But for the low to no information voter who sees these ads? Then again, I presume the DGA would have them taken down. I believe you get my point — nothing ever has to be true, just said. Just like the ad Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority Fund ran against me in 2012 insinuating that I wanted people to die because I didn’t support using stem cells from babies – that part was omitted. They used a little girl and the question was, “Why does Allen West want me to die?” I didn’t respond to it because I figured folks were smarter than that — but they were not. And we all know there is research that affirms stem cells can be acquired from other means anyway.

This is what politics in America has become — chicanery from slick political consultants — nothing about issues and solutions, because that stuff isn’t sexy and cool. And who is to blame? Yep, the American electorate, because these slicksters know voters don’t do any due diligence, they just tune in and see a quick 30-second blurb and make their decision — a tactic brilliantly used to market and deceive America into voting for Obama not once, but twice.

And as always, when caught with the hand in the cookie jar, well, you know what happens. The Beacon reports that “the ad notes that its funding was provided by the DGA, but the DGA’s deputy communications director said it had no information on the ad because it is not allowed to have “any coordination” with IE groups. Restore Arizona’s Future PAC could not be reached for comment.”

No one is responsible but you can bet one thing for certain, if they had not been caught and Doug Ducey was defeated in the Arizona Gubernatorial election – they’d all be together toasting with high dollar champagne and complimenting themselves on how great the ad worked out. Truly disgusting, truly despicable, truly Democrat — and you know that if this was done by Republicans it would be ALL over ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS…heard anything? Of course not.

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