Christie brouhaha highlights Left’s hypocrisy

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The hypocrisy of progressive socialists never ceases to amaze me, and it’s now playing itself out in New Jersey. According to Politico,

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held a press conference Thursday morning, the day after controversy erupted over his office’s involvement in a major September traffic snafu. The move comes a day after emails and text messages were released linking members of his staff and his friends to a decision to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September, a major traffic headache that the mayor of a town in New Jersey alleges was political retribution for not supporting Christie.”

Of course this shouldn’t be dismissed, but am I the only one who finds this feigned righteous indignation laughable? Mayor Rahm Emmanuel sought to pressure, in effect, blackmail banks who supported weapons manufacturers as we reported, but there was not a peep. President Obama, Susan Rice, and White House spokesbeard Jay Carney have referred to Benghazi as a “phony scandal” and “false controversy.”

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We see the Left doing what they do best, applying moral standards to others while being devoid of such themselves. One thing in his favor, Gov Christie did in fact fire someone involved with this action — when have we seen anyone be held accountable in the Obama administration?

According to Victoria Cavaliere of Reuters,

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday fired a top aide who helped orchestrate massive traffic jams at a busy commuter bridge to settle a score, saying he had been blindsided in the scandal that has tarnished his political reputation on the national stage. As Christie apologized publicly for the abrupt lane closings ordered by some of his staff, which he said he did not know about beforehand, the office of the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey said it was launching an investigation”. Gov. Christie stated, “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team,” Christie said. “I am who I am, but I am not a bully.”

So, what has happened with the IRS targeting scandal for the Obama administration? What has happened with the Department of Justice targeting of reporters? Even the New York Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatives, just recently criticized President Obama for having one of the most centralized and controlling administrations ever, and certainly not transparent.

It doesn’t appear this episode will blow over soon, since it provides a perfect opportunity for liberal progressives to play politics, something that former Defense Secretary Gates has brought to our attention.

Cavaliere’s reports that U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, whose job Christie held before being elected governor, has opened a probe. A local newspaper reported emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations – one involving an unconscious 91-year-old woman who later died of cardiac arrest and another, a car accident, in which four people were injured.

Why then do liberals say Benghazi is a closed episode but will certainly keep up the fire here? What do you think, is this incident being blown completely out of proportion for political purposes? Do you see duplicitous hypocrisy from the Left?

“(Christie) did well, in that he offered an aggressive response. He showed the personality that people like – which is the person who seems to like to be right in the middle of things, even in a scandal situation like this,” said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University professor of history and public affairs. “At least for now, he offered the thing that was most important here – that he was going to hold people responsible.”

The same cannot be said of President Obama.

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