Christian woman on death row in Sudan to be freed

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You might recall the case of 27-year-old Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a pregnant Christian woman married to a naturalized American citizen who was imprisoned in Sudan, which we reported here.

At last some good news. She’ll be released, with her newborn baby and 20-month-old son, an American citizen. I want to thank all of you who spoke out and elevated this situation so that the mainstream news took up the case. God does indeed answer prayers and we look forward to the day when Meriam will be united with her husband, Daniel Wani. If there is anyone who should be fast-tracked for legal residency — she is after all married to a naturalized American citizen.

According to a Voice of America report, “Sudan’s foreign ministry says the Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for identifying herself as a Christian will be freed “within days,” following an international uproar over her conviction for apostasy.

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As we reported, born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father and raised Christian after the father left the family, Ibrahim said she had never herself been a Muslim, despite Sudanese law defining children of Muslim fathers as Muslims by definition. A court in early May gave her four days to recant her Christian faith, and imposed the death penalty when she refused to do so. Christian-Muslim unions such as Ibrahim’s marriage to U.S. citizen Daniel Wani are defined under Sudanese law as adultery, prompting the judge to impose an additional sentence of 100 lashes on the young mother.

Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a Christian. He was not allowed to visit his wife and children on the day of the daughter’s birth, but did see his family a few days afterwards. He says they are all doing well.

The death sentence sparked widespread criticism from Western governments and human rights organizations. The U.S. State Department protested the ruling and called on the Khartoum government to respect the right to freedom of religion. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the ruling has “no place in today’s world.”

This is how we defeat Sharia law: by coming together to expose it, and condemn it. It does not take hashtag pop culture gimmicks, but focused pressure by those of us in civilized western civilization. The tyranny and totalitarianism of radical Islam can and will be defeated — but only with resolve, which you all displayed in the case of Meriam Ibrahim. Now there are others we must seek out and support.

And let’s make sure that what CAIR did to Ayaan Hirsi Ali right here in America NEVER happens again.

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