Benghazi victim’s mom gives HEARTBREAKING speech on why Hillary belongs in JAIL

Patricia Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith gave one of the most powerful speeches at the Republican National Convention last night.

She made it clear she blames the same person for the death of her son that the rest of us do.

Via the Gateway Pundit

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Pat is very critical of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton since her son was brutally murdered at the Benghazi consulate. Obama and Hillary never lifted a finger to save her son from the terrorists.

Tonight she blasted Hillary Clinton at the RNC — I blame Hillary Clinton for the death of my son.

“I have repeatedly asked Hillary Clinton to explain to me why my son is dead. I’m still waiting. Whenever I called the State Department no one would speak to me cuz they say I am not a member of the immediate family. Hillary Clinton is a woman, a mother and a grandmother of two. I am a woman, a mother, and a grandmother of two. how could she do this to me? How could they do this to any American family. Donald Trump is everything Hillary Clinton is not. Donald Trump is smart and strong… This whole campaign comes down to a single question, if Hillary Clinton cannot give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency? That’s right, Hillary for prison. She deserves to be in stripes.”

Pat added: “For all of this grief, for all of this cynicism, for the tragedy that Benghazi has brought upon America, I blame Hillary Clinton. I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.”

What do you think Hillary would say in response to this? Hopefully she’s come up with something better than “what difference does it make?”

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]
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