Atheist group who wants to ban prayer at University of Tennessee games should stick their heads up their fourth point of contact

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Y’all know I’m a big time University of Tennessee football fan and a 1983 graduate from ol’ Rocky Top. Today at noon is one of the big games for me as the Volunteers take on my home state Georgia Bulldogs down between the hedges at Sanford Stadium in Athens Georgia. Last year’s game was a heartbreaker, an OT loss for the Vols by a field goal. Sadly I will be on a train heading out of Connecticut to Maryland’s eastern shore, namely Salisbury. I’m quite sure all my good friends will be shooting me updates.

However, passionate I am about Tennessee Volunteer football, I am even more passionate about my Judeo-Christian faith, and something has happened which has pissed me off, and it’s personal.

As reported by Fox News, “A religious watchdog organization is demanding the termination of public prayer practices at the University of Tennessee football games along with documentation of email communications between two Mississippi universities and their Fellowship of Christian Athletes program. In a cease-and-desist letter to the University of Tennessee, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) urged the football program to discontinue their practice of “opening football games and any other University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) events with prayer.” “When you’re not religious or are of another faith and you get prayed at during events, it’s really very grating.”

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“This is a public university, not a Christian club,” wrote FFRF co-president Annie Gaylor. “When you’re not religious or are of another faith and you get prayed at during events, it’s really very grating.”

I’ve had it with this atheist group which fails to understand that the first amendment states that we have a “freedom of Religion and the free exercise thereof” in America. I do not see it saying there is a freedom FROM religion. I need to simply say to Ms. Gaylor, shut the heck up and take your crap back to Wisconsin and keep the hell out of the south and SEC Football country. I’ve had it with these anti-religious zealots who push their agenda against the rest of our country.

As a student at the University of Tennessee, I recall every home game having a local Pastor praying and lifting up the athletes for protection. As a matter of fact, when I went back to Neyland Stadium in 2009 for the Georgia-Tennessee game, there was still an opening prayer. We down south don’t want any of these outsiders trying to dictate how we live our lives, and I know this group is trying to go after other schools down south like Coach Dabo Sweeney at Clemson.

Who is this disturbed woman and organization, who as we reported here, secured a settlement with the IRS to review sermons of Pastors to eliminate “political activity” from the pulpit? Who are they to adjudicate what Christian ministers do? As well, who do they believe they are to demand anything be terminated and request emails? The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a long-standing organization that has been a positive influence in the lives of young men and women. This is going too far!

Perhaps Ms. Gaylor should know that the now-deceased classmate of mine at Tennessee and former Green Bay Packer, Reggie White, was an ordained minister while a student at Tennessee, and I’m quite sure he prayed lots on the field and with fellow teammates.

So to Ms. Gaylor, I am telling you to pound sand from a University of Tennessee alumnus. I also encourage my fellow Volunteer grads to send the same message to this deranged women who obviously doesn’t have enough to do in her pathetic life. As well, I support the administration of the University of Tennessee in telling Ms. Gaylor that they kindly appreciate her letter but the public prayer practices at our football games will not cease, nor desist. And that any feeble attempts to coerce or intimidate our school will not be considered.

Ms. Gaylor, you want to impress me? Do something about the cultural jihadist infiltration into our country. Say something about the ideology that inspired a Muslim to behead a 54-year-old American woman in Moore, Oklahoma.

However, as for attacking our fall Saturday traditions of SEC football, please, go away and remove your head from your 4th point of contact. We don’t give a damn what you think and certainly don’t give a damn about your demands. And I’ll be heading back to my alma mater for the Alabama-Tennessee game and doggone look forward to seeing my beloved Tennessee Volunteers pray — win or lose! God wins, you lose ma’am.

Yep, I am pissed off and it is time we start pushing back — Go Vols!

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