Is this evidence of a stealth jihad in public schools?

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Students in a world history class at Union Grove High School in Wisconsin were given an interesting writing assignment. They were told to pretend they were Muslims and write about examples of how they would practice the Islamic faith and the struggles they face.

Maybe that might be understandable if this were a comparative religion class and students were also asked to imagine being Jewish or Christian or Hindu.

But they weren’t.

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Writing for Fox News, Todd Starnes, reporter and author of God Less America, writes that “Islamic advocates are waging what they call a stealth jihad in our school system. And if left unchecked, they will be successful in undermining the Judeo Christian values upon which our great country was founded. ”

Why did the school focus on Islam? And why did the instructions insinuate to students that if you’re Muslim you automatically have “struggles” in your life? Doesn’t everyone?

Why not talk about being Jewish in Israel and living each day wondering when the next rocket attack will occur? Or how about imagining being a Christian in Syria or Iraq and having to flee for your life from your own home? Maybe the students should have been asked to pretend they were one of the 21 Christians from Egypt who were recently beheaded.

Todd Starnes asked the school district if other assignments were given asking the students to pretend to be members of other faiths and they refused to answer.

EAGnews also emailed the teacher, Beth Urban, trying to obtain more information and never received an answer.

Wonder why?

EAGnews reported on another controversial lesson two years ago – almost to the day – at the same high school.

At that time, students were given a crossword puzzle that defined conservatism as “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms … ”

Ah, right. It all makes sense now.

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