Arizona man says Islamic law gives him right to kill his wife

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I may seem like a broken record – and so are the folks who predictably attack — but I will not relent in conveying the truth.

According to Fox News in Arizona, a man living near Phoenix threatened to kill his wife, telling her Islamic Law gave him the right to do it. Ansar Muhammad, 43, is facing several charges after assaulting the victim, holding her against her will while threatening to kill her, punching, strangling and causing physical injuries to her at their home.

In the report, police say their investigation determined that Muhammad and the victim were arguing about her having an affair when “Ansar picked the victim up, carrying her like a baby and put her in their vehicle against her will.”

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He then proceeded to drive to the rear of a nearby Walgreens store where “Ansar began to assault the victim by punching her multiple times, leaving physical injuries on her face, neck, back, chest and legs.” When the victim continued to try to get away and told him to stop, police say he told the victim he was going to kill her because he had the right due to his “Islamic belief.”

In this Constitutional Republic known as America, the first unalienable right of the individual is life and according to the theory of natural law, that right emanates from our Creator — not some deranged fella — certainly not one from some theocratic-political totalitarian ideology.

Samuel Huntington wrote a book back in the 90’s entitled, Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order. We indeed have a clash of civilizations, cultures, and values between the rule of law in this Constitutional Republic and that of Islamic sharia law. The solution is simple: sharia law is incompatible with the principles and ideals of Western civilization and that of America. It cannot be allowed to foment, percolate, infiltrate, or penetrate our system of governance. I don’t believe in cultural relativism or equivalence, as some may.

I support the free exercise of religion and practice thereof. However, I will not support a seditious ideology, which seeks to undermine and potentially supplant our rule of law.

Muhammad was arrested and booked into the Avondale city jail and later transported to the Maricopa County jail. He’s being held without bond.

War on women? What type of belief system instills in a man his right to beat a woman? That’s a rhetorical question, but I’m waiting to see if the liberal progressive cultural relativists can bring themselves to respond — correctly.

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