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Subliminal messaging on TV this fall?

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We always look forward to the new fall season TV shows and returning ones. I have to wonder if the hit show “Blacklist” will use my image again this season — and I don’t consider it racist to be on The Blacklist. I must admit the only new show that has piqued my interest is Fox’s “Gotham” — Batman is my favorite. However could be some subliminal messaging from two other networks is at work in this new season.

Consider the new show on the Constant Barack Station (CBS) called “Madam Secretary” featuring Tea Leoni — I remember her from a Jurassic Park movie — as the U.S. Secretary of State. Could CBS be trying to keep a certain female in our conscious memory — and y’all know it ain’t Condi Rice. Well, no worries, I’m quite sure CBS President David Rhodes — whose young brother Ben is the Deputy National Security Advisor in the Obama White House — isn’t politically motivated.

I’ll be looking for that episode about Americans being attacked at an embassy and Tea Leoni’s character fast ropes in from a helicopter M4 blazing commanding a Special Ops detachment and rescuing the Ambassador. And when the frightened terrified Ambassador tells Madam Secretary she has been hit she grittily replies, “what difference at this point does it make?”

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But not to be outdone, the National Barack Station (NBC) also has a new show featuring Kathleen Heigl as the CIA Director — wonder if she’ll have a prayer rug? And who plays the president? Well, Alfre Woodard, TV’s first black female president. We already had the first black TV president in Dennis Haysbert of Allstate fame. And we even had Jamie Foxx play president — they all can be scripted better than the current president who’s doing a really bad acting job.

So I figure NBC will have President Alfre Woodard work with CIA Director Heigl to arm some Islamist rebels to take down a domestic conservative insurgency and save western civilization. Yep that’s the ticket!

What shows are you looking forward to this Fall? Needless to say thanks to Obama, we’re treated to reruns of “As the World Burns” and “The Twilight Zone” — and forced to binge-watch them both.

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