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Seven ridiculous programs you bought the government in 2014

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It’s the last day of 2014 folks, and we have so much for which we should be thankful. But one of those is not a government that wastefully spends tax payer dollars.

You still have time to vote on our list, “Absurdity of the Year,” but over at The Daily Signal, Kelsey Harris has weaved together yet another list of absurd government spending. She writes, “As you recover from Christmas spending these last couple days of 2014, don’t forget to account for the millions of dollars in gifts you bought the federal government all year long. Yes, thanks to your tax dollars, wasteful programs (including ones like the $237,205 study that measures how rainfall affects red crabs) were funded with government money.

Here are seven of those projects.

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So as we’re about to enter 2015, it would be grand if we finally didn’t have to poke ourselves in the eye in the final days recalling this type of waste. Just imagine how many “shovel ready” jobs could have been begun with the expended funds from just these seven projects. And you all remember the Sen. Tom Coburn list we shared earlier.

Happy New Year folks — sadly enough, it will be April 15th before we know it — gotta feed that beast we call the U.S. federal government. I just simply believe in fiscal responsibility and spending aligned with the constitutional requirements of the federal government by priority. Is that so difficult?

Next time you get a chance to speak with your Congressman or Senator, ask them a direct question, “There are 12 spending appropriations bills — what is the priority ranking?” I hope you get an answer. I asked the House Appropriations Chairman — he never responded.
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