Back to Aggieland!

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Earlier this year, I wrote about my experience in College Station, Texas — “Aggieland” — home of Texas A&M. I was there to speak but y’all know I’m a serious college football junkie and being there amidst the atmosphere and tradition known as Aggie football was just intoxicating.

However, even more rewarding was to walk the campus and go into the Corps of Cadets Hall of Fame. And what a surprise, both the current Commandant of the Corps, BG Ramirez (US Army, Ret), and Deputy Commandant COL Starnes (USMC, Ret) are men I served with on active duty. I was therefore invited to return to Aggieland by my former colleague and friend Rep. Bill Flores and his wife Gina along with BG Ramirez and COL Starnes.

So today the West family is heading to Bryan-College Station for an Aggieland Thanksgiving and to attend the LSU vs Texas A&M football game — yep, two SEC games this fall. I am in hog heaven. So many times I’ve watched the tradition of the 12th Man, the venerable Aggie Cadet band, and Reveille on TV in the massive Kyle Field stadium — now we will be there.

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But a true honor for me is the opportunity to be in the reviewing stand for the “Corps of Cadets March On.” I have never seen an Army-Navy game — a bucket list item — but this will be an awesome experience. My battalion commander when I was a young captain in the First Infantry Division, LTC John R. Gingrich, was an Aggie — and a proud one.

Funny thing, who would have ever thought that when Rep. Flores invited me to come back to Aggieland — where he is quite the accomplished and distinguished graduate — I would be three weeks away from moving to Texas. I guess God was trying to drop a hint back then.

Well, the great thing is that the Aggies are now a part of the SEC, so this is going to be fun. But I must confide, I am gonna be looking for some fried turkey — doggone have not had any since back in 2004, so I am due. We will be attending the Miramont Country Club Thanksgiving luncheon — afterwards gonna go into a food coma — and then over to the campus and the football game.

I look forward to seeing y’all and saying howdy!

Gig ’em Aggies!

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