50 shades of brown: New book shatters stereotypes about Hispanics and conservatism

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We are in a perpetual state of identity politics as the progressive socialist left prefers to divide and conquer American along collective lines of race, gender, income and behavior, because the left doesn’t see us as individual Americans endowed with the certain unalienable rights from our Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Instead liberal progressives embrace the concept of a government guarantee of happiness. I’ve personally witnessed the left’s divisive exploits advocating the welfare nanny-state and the adverse effects it has had in the black community.

And now the left is fully turning its sights on the Hispanic community. Conservative blogger and friend, Javier Manjarres, has begun sounding the clarion call for his community in his new book, Brown People: Hispanic Politics in the Disunited State of Amigos.

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Javier’s book is a must read if we want to become aware of the goals and objectives the progressive left has in store for the Hispanic community – extending their dependency society.

Javier’s book isn’t about “outreach,” it’s about policy inclusiveness and the recognition that constitutional conservative values such as faith, family, freedom, education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance are in alignment with the values of the Hispanic community. Javier’s book clearly reminds us of that fact.

Frankly, these are the same values embraced by the black community, as I wrote about in my own book, Guardian of the Republic.

We are all more unified than the left would have us believe. We cannot allow them to divide us.

Javier’s book is funny and incisive. I hope you’ll give it a read.

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