Message to liberal progressives: This We’ll Defend

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Greetings from Rogers, Arkansas. Over the past two days I’ve seen the beauty of the foothills of the North Georgia mountains in Rome and the Ozarks in Arkansas, as I spoke in Sebastian County (Ft. Smith) last night.

At the Sebastian County Lincoln dinner I was reunited with two of my former colleagues, and friends Rep. Tim Griffin, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, and Rep. Steve Womack, a close confidante. Rep. Tom Cotton was unable to attend due to an illness in his family, and I ask you to please keep his wife in your prayers.

The great bond between all of us is that we have all served in uniform in the U.S. Army. Griffin, Cotton, Womack, Rep. Crawford and myself are a Band of Brothers who have been blessed to serve our nation as Soldiers and legislators.

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And that bond means we will come to each other’s aid to support at the drop of a dime. That’s something liberal progressives don’t seem to comprehend, especially since Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor and his gremlins decided to attack me for coming to Arkansas and supporting my brothers. We already know the disdain Pryor has for those who’ve served in uniform but we also know how the Democrat party feels about military service with the disrespectful post they issued attacking another fellow Army veteran and paratrooper, Lee Zeldin.

To liberal progressives, support our troops is just a bumper sticker slogan, no different from other bumper sticker slogans like “Hope and Change.” It is incumbent for all of us to see through the charade of their empty rhetoric and slogans.

It’s imperative that we see through the emptiness of their hearts and recognize these progressive socialists for who they are: power driven radicals who despise the Constitutional Republic we call home, America. Their design is simple, as articulated by President Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, to “fundamentally transform America.”

They will attack, denigrate, demean, and destroy anyone who seeks to stand against them and protect this Country from their radical intent. The motto of the US Army is “This We’ll Defend” and is emblazoned on the badge earned by Army Drill Instructors. This is what Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor doesn’t understand. This is what Senator Harry Reid doesn’t comprehend. And this is what Barack Obama doesn’t believe in.

But this is why we stand as Guardians of the Republic against the progressive socialist onslaught and why we press the attack to restore this great and exceptional land to its original intent and promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the unalienable rights of all Americans.

Today I will speak at a volunteer rally in Springdale and will share why we need them as the foot soldiers on this ideological battlefield.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing so much of our America over the past week, and still have Texas (Dallas, Austin, College Station, Houston, Waco) and Michigan (Spring Arbor, Jackson County) to go before returning home.

Americans are looking for solutions and answers to the travails they’re facing due to the failures of liberal progressivism. They’re tired of the lies — and I mean blatant lies — perpetuated by a liberal media who enables a certain ideological domination of our Republic.

Americans are tired of being out of work and not accounted for, as the workforce participation rate is at its lowest since the last progressive socialist president, Jimmy Carter. They’re seeing their wages depressed while food prices, gas prices, insurance premiums rise. They’re tired of the disrespect shown to their Judeo-Christian faith heritage all for the sake of some insidious political correct agenda that affords secular humanists and radical Islamists advantages.

Americans want to be proud, and there is nothing wrong with the sense of pride that comes from being a citizen of a country that has achieved so much in just 237 years. It is so because we promote the indomitable individual entrepreneurial spirit –but excessive taxation, regulation, and intrusive government growth is stymieing that spirit.

And Americans want to see better educational opportunities for their children — not top-down government driven gimmicks financially beneficial to a group of elites — yes I speak of common core.

However, with all this, there is a resilience, and rugged determination in the eyes of my fellow countrymen and women. I see it throughout my travels. There is a commitment to resist defeat and “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Our greater days are ahead because we don’t quit and we don’t give up Americans don’t surrender because “This We’ll Defend.”

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