That’s it; I’ve had ENOUGH

It’s amazing to me how the progressive, socialist Left tends to believe there aren’t consequences to their ideological decisions. If you look at how the Left has responded to their electoral losses over the past eight years, including last November, you find something interesting: They don’t seem to understand that their far-left policy agenda for America is behind their losses, from federal to state offices.

And now we see their unhinged meltdown because America didn’t just sit back and take it.

Wasn’t it Barack Obama who said, “I won, get over it,” as well as “elections have consequences/’ Nah, it’s the deplorables, racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes, and Islamophobes who swung the election — it has nothing to do with who the Left is in America, and as Michael Moore recently suggested on MSNBC, it’s time for the Democrats go further Left.

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Yeah, that’s it!

So now we have the latest evidence of liberal delusion and lunacy. As reported by Fox News (everyone else is too busy talking about Russia, President Donald Trump’s future impeachment, and Maxine Waters future as Speaker of the House):

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city plans to sue the U.S. Department of Justice over Trump’s immigration policies, specifically over the so-called sanctuary cities program. Emanuel made the disclosure Friday, while being interviewed for a Chicago radio program.

The mayor, a Democrat who previously served as a congressman and White House chief of staff under President Obama, said the federal lawsuit will be filed Monday. The suit will claim that it’s illegal for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withhold federal Byrne grants from cities the Trump administration believes aren’t cooperating enough with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, the mayor said.

This year, Chicago expects to receive $3.2 million from the Byrne grant program, money mostly used to buy police vehicles and other equipment, the Tribune reported. The grants are named for Edward Byrne, a New York City police officer who was murdered in 1988.

“We are not going to be between picking our values of who we are as a welcoming city, and strengthening our police department,” Emanuel said in the interview. In filing the suit, Emanuel is likely trying to court support from Chicago’s Latinos, who are wary of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, as well as gain clout among other big-city Democratic mayors as they try to block Trump initiatives, the newspaper reported.

Okay, it’s time for a little lesson for this chucklehead Rahm Emanuel: First of all, he needs to be focusing on the combat zone-like murder rate in his city. Rahm, my friend, it appears you fail to understand that if your acclaimed “values” prescribe violating the rule of law, then there are consequences for that.

If you deem it more important to be a haven for criminal illegal aliens, and that is what they are, then guess what? The federal government is not going to support you. You’ve turned Chicago into a city of lawlessness, and we all know that you have little affinity for the law enforcement officers in Chicago. So this little ruse you’re running is just to appease the progressive, socialist Left.

What should be happening in Chicago is that the citizens there should sue YOU for your failure to protect them from those here illegally. And why do you act in this way? Because of your demented, ideological agenda of promoting open borders! This is nothing but a political stunt to try and endear yourself to a certain demographic constituency, but it’s disrespectful to those who did the right thing, and who legally sought to become citizens of our nation and your city.

I guess you haven’t paid attention, but illegal aliens don’t vote. Well, perhaps you allow them to, just as they do in California, a sanctuary state. Sir, you do not deserve federal funding if you define your values as disregarding federal law — that’s the consequence of your lunacy.

It’s unconscionable to me that the Left believes it can do whatever it wants without consequences. If they want to have five unelected jurists decide that same-sex marriage is the “law of the land,” which constitutionally they cannot, then all states must abide. On the other hand, Ol’ Rahm doesn’t believe Americans have a Second Amendment right, and neither do many other liberal progressives running states and cities across the country.

That’s a clear violation of the constitutional right of law-abiding, legal citizens within their constituencies. I think every city and state that denies law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment right should be sued. The Second Amendment is an established American “value,” or right. However, it’s not a Leftist progressive “value,” so they deny it.

Well, my dear confused progressive socialist friends, if your “value” is harboring illegal aliens, then the federal government can deny you funding. Hey, just do like y’all always do, Rahm, raise taxes on folks in lieu of the federal grant monies you are sacrificing for your “values.” And when more people leave your cities and states, you’ll be left with illegal aliens. Good luck taxing them for your “values.”

It’s beyond time we make the Left pay, literally, for this delusion, and that means these states and cities that are being run into the ground because of liberal progressive “values”: If you financially run your city or state into the ground, no bailout from the federal government. If you want to harbor those here illegally and not allow federal authorities to safeguard American citizens, no funding. And if there are folks who suffer from that condition called “a special kind of stupid” who continue to reelect you to elected positions, then they shall suffer those consequences as well.

I just gotta ask, what sane person would want to live in San Francisco which, after the horrible shooting of Kate Steinle by a criminal illegal alien, reiterated its commitment to being a sanctuary city? Simply put, there’s no place so beautiful that you should be willing to sacrifice your life and your protection.

Last Thursday, Fox News reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to withhold anti-crime funding from four cities – Baltimore, Maryland; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Stockton and San Bernardino, California –- if they didn’t begin to cooperate more thoroughly with federal immigration officers.

This shouldn’t be a threat; it should be a policy. It’s time the message be sent to the liberal progressive Left that elections have consequences, and so do those “values” that are not consistent with the rule of law in our Constitutional Republic. And where there are sheriffs, such as Sally Hernandez in Travis County (Austin) Texas, who refuse to uphold the law and their oath, they should be removed. And their departments should lose federal funding as well.

We can no longer play happy games with the progressive socialist Left. They’ve determined their ideology and agenda is more important than the safety and security of American citizens. If that’s the case, there are consequences, and if I were Attorney General Jeff Sessions, I’d mail back Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s lawsuit, shredded.

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