GOP Senator against health care bill finds NASTY surprise in his office

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Republican Sen. Dean Heller (Las Vegas) was the victim of a break-in Saturday morning at his office.

Apparently a threatening note was also left at the scene, which has now led to an in-depth investigation surrounding the incident.

This comes just a month after a Republican lawmaker was shot during practice for the congressional baseball game by a radical left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter.

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The Daily Caller is reporting, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed it is investigating the incident at Heller’s office on W. Sunset and told reporters there was no evidence of damage.

Heller’s office would not comment on the break-in, saying, “We can’t comment on/discuss ongoing investigations.”

Heller is among a handful of Republicans who have come out against the Republican health care bill. “I cannot support a bill that takes insurance away from tens of millions of Americans,” he said at a press conference recently with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Sen. Heller is up for reelection in 2018. Nevada Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen announced his intention to run against Heller last month.

Senate Democrats have an uphill battle when it comes to defending the rather large number of seats they have up for grabs, but it seems that Heller has become a target for their efforts.

Democrats are putting up a whole lot of cash to make sure Heller loses his race.

At the end of the day, the realm of politics has become far too radicalized as of late, with threats of violence and aggressive rhetoric becoming normal discourse between parties with different ideologies and policy stances.

Can we just get back to the basics of civil discussion, presenting well thought out arguments, allowing our ideas to do battle, rather than verbally abusing each other?

[This article was written by Steve Parker]

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