Bride calls off fancy wedding one week before; then makes JAW-DROPPING decision

Like many young women who dream of their “happiest day,” 25-year-old Sarah Cummins had big plans for her wedding.

She’d spent two years planning and saving for wedding celebration to be held at the Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana.

Yet just one week before her nuptials, she decided to call off the wedding, which left her with a nonrefundable contract at the venue plus prepaid dinner for 170 guests — a $30,000 investment she didn’t want to lose.

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Devastated, Cummins called all the guests and vendors to tell them the news but then “started feeling really sick about just throwing away all the food I ordered for the reception,” according to the Daily News.

After consulting ex-fiancé Logan Araujo, she decided to invite the area’s homeless population to feast on a menu of bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and roasted garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes and Chardonnay cream sauce and, finally, wedding cake.

On Saturday evening, residents from homeless shelters in Indianapolis and Noblesville shuffled into the Ritz’s enclosed garden pavilion, dressed to the nines in clothing donated by community members.

“It’s just a really great opportunity for us, that was going to be a huge tragedy. in her life,” Erik Jensen, a resident of Wheeler Mission — an Indiana homeless shelter — and guest at the party, told the Star.

“It’s a great opportunity to spread love … This is just a very nice thing to do,” he said.

Cummins never gave a reason why she called off the wedding, but she says at least she’ll have some pleasant memories of the day nonetheless.

We always hear horror stories about spoiled and demanding “Bridezillas” who do little more than spread anxiety and stress. It sure is nice to hear about someone who spreads a little love and kindness instead.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]

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