Law Professor schools MSNBC in Trump-Russia Interview

The mainstream media’s relentless probe into the Trump-Russia connection is one of the most scintillating narratives to engulf Washington politics in recent memory.

As the investigation slowly churns away with nothing more than “guilty by association” arguments thrown here and there willy-nilly, the left is grasping at straws to find damning evidence that Trump’s true allegiance is not with the United States of America.

Good luck proving it.

In an interview with MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, Columbia Law Professor Richard Briffault gave the hosts the scholarly treatment after being asked questions on allegations of treason, perjury, and collusion against Trump, Trump Jr., and Jared Kushner.

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One by one, Briffault picked apart the accusations with a fine tooth comb:

Watch the video at Real Clear Politics:

Regarding treason, Briffault stated:

Treason is a little extreme for this, I mean it is not clear — [Russia] may not be our friend, but it is not clear they are our enemy. We are not at war. It is not clear this violates — it is against the U.S. government. So I am not up to treason yet.

With regard to perjury, Briffault said:

Well, with the possible exception of Jared Kushner and the forms he filled out to get his security clearance, I’m not sure any of this has been under oath yet. On those, maybe it is not perjury, but there is a crime of lying to the U.S. government, but you would have to prove he was knowingly and maliciously misleading, and his claim is to say he just forgot. So we’re in a gray area there.

After being pressed further on whether Kushner’s omission of information on his security clearance constituted a crime, Briffault added:

It was a false statement. Did he know it was false, or did he just forget? And it has been corrected. It may still affect whether he should have a security clearance. But it is not quite up to the level of a crime.

With respect to the allegation of collusion, Briffault dispelled any notion of criminality:

Collusion isn’t really a crime, I think we are getting at things like ‘conspiracy to commit a crime,’ or coordination of campaign finance stuff. Collusion is more of a political term than a legal term.

So far there’s not been a scintilla of clear, unequivocal evidence implicating Trump, his close confidants and/or his family in a pernicious scheme to break US laws or jeopardize US national security. The treasure trove of information that has come out has been, at best, unproven and circumstantial. Right now, there is a lot of smoke, and not much clarity.

To the Democrats: hold your horses.

[Note: This article was written by Zachary Smith]

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