U.S. Soldier arrested in Hawaii after FBI uncovers TERRIBLE secret

Recently we shared here an assessment of California Republican Representative Jeff Denham’s reintroduced House bill, H.R. 60, the ENLIST Act. ENLIST stands for “Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training,” a very nice title indeed, wouldn’t you say? Similar to the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” If there’s one thing we can admire about our elected representatives, they know how to put the requisite condiments on a crap sandwich…but it’s still crap. We presented to you that the ENLIST Act is just a means of allowing those here in the United States illegally to serve in our military. Yes, those who are here in disrespect of our rule of law, our Constitution, are somehow supposed to “support and defend” it.

I know there are folks out there with bleeding hearts, but now is not the time to goof off with our military. We’ve come off eight years of social engineering and ideological agenda experimentation and policy implementation of our military.

And if you need a reminder of what can happen in our ranks, then heed this story.

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As reported by Fox News, “A Hawaii-based U.S. Army soldier was arrested over the weekend after allegedly attempting to provide military documents and a drone to the ISIS terror group. Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang, 34, was arrested late Saturday night by an FBI SWAT team at the Schofield Barracks in Honolulu, the FBI said in a news release.

An FBI special agent alleged in an affidavit that Kang tried to give classified and unclassified military documents and a drone to undercover agents and informants he believed to be members of ISIS. Kang is also accused of attempting to teach the group combat techniques. The FBI said it believes that Kang, a member of the 25th Infantry Division and a trained air traffic controller, was a lone actor and is not associated with others who may present a threat to Hawaii.

“Terrorism is the FBI’s number one priority,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Paul D. Delacourt said in a statement. ” In fighting this threat, the Honolulu Division of the FBI works with its law enforcement partners and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. In this case, the FBI worked closely with the U.S. Army to protect the citizens of Hawaii.”

Kang has been under investigation by the U.S. Army and the FBI for over a year, according to Delacourt. The affidavit says the Army reported Kang to the FBI in August 2016 after “it appeared that Kang was becoming radicalized.” The affidavit alleges that Kang had a history of “threatening statements.” At one point in 2012, Kang’s security clearance was suspended after he was reprimanded repeatedly for “threatening to hurt or kill other service members, and for arguing pro-ISIS views while at work and on-post.” The document claims Kang’s clearance was reinstated the following year after he complied with “military requirements stemming from the investigation.”

First, let me ask, who was the brain dead rocket scientist who reinstated the security clearance for this traitor after he had made threatening statements to fellow Soldiers and taken “pro-ISIS” views…and on a military installation? This is exactly what we’ve come to in our military, still. Have we not learned a damn thing over these past few years?

It was a SGT Hasan who threw grenades and opened fire on his chain of command while in base camp in Kuwait, 2003. The unit was part of the 101st Airborne Division. It was Major Nidal Hasan who had been making forceful proselytizing statements to Soldiers he was supposed to be counseling. Nothing was done and he was transferred from Walter Reed Army Medical Center to Ft. Hood Texas — you know the rest of the story. And to this day, it’s still referred to by our government as “workplace violence.”

How close were we to having another mass shooting incident of our Soldiers all because of the sick game of political correctness we continue to play? No, I’m not going to go so far as to say Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in our military. But, I will say this: when we see the signs, we must say something…but we must DO something, and stop dismissing and denying the existence of such dangerous and traitorous behavior.

SFC Kang’s associations should have been known, just as we came to find out Nidal Hasan had a relationship with Anwar al-Awlaki. Do I believe there is Islamist infiltration in our military? Yes. However, we are too busy forcing our troops to take mandatory training classes on transgender troop integration, oops, I mean folks suffering from gender dysphoria. And ask yourself, why are we delaying the implementation of such a dumb social engineering policy? If there’s anything that should have been learned from the entire Bradley Manning episode, it’s that anyone confused about who they are perhaps should not be entrusted with a security clearance and access to classified documents. After all, the gender confused Manning decided to divulge over 700,000 classified documents. But, now he’s free, all due to sympathy for his gender confusion…and we want full admittance of more of this?

Perhaps SFC Kang can just claim that he’s also confused about his gender. He’ll then become a victim to the liberal progressive left and a cause to celebrate. And eventually, he’ll also be set free. This is why Rep. Denham’s little experiment is also a bad idea. What happens when Somali immigrants are allowed to join — and we know the issue we’ve had emanating from that community in Minnesota. No, my dear sweet progressive socialist detractors, I am not profiling, it is called “trend analysis.” And we just dodged a bullet in the case of SFC Kang, because all the indicators and warnings were there, the alarms should have gone off.

However, we’ve forced such a PC atmosphere and environment on our military that someone actually reinstated the security clearance of a radicalized Islamic jihadist. I am waiting, yes, waiting, for someone to step up and take charge of this situation in our military. I’m waiting for our SecDef to say, not that we’re delaying, but foregoing the implementation of a policy as absurd as openly allowing individuals suffering from a defined mental condition into our military.

I’m waiting for our SecDef to take seriously the Islamic jihadist threat within our military and start assessing centers and associations of radicalization close to our military installations. We cannot continue to be lucky, because one day we’ll once again open up a newspaper and find out someone has opened fire on our troops on a military installation. And, as far as I know, NOTHING has been done to change the policy of our men and women on military installations being disarmed. Yes, imagine that, our military installations are gun-free zones, save for the few contracted civilian police and dwindling numbers of uniformed, armed, base military police. If we trust our men and women to deploy and handle a weapon, why not here, as we know ISIS has declared that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen are targets wherever they are…along with their families.

Do we need to witness, here in America, an incident similar to the tragic, savage and barbaric killing of British Soldier Lee Rigby? Just imagine, it happened right outside the gate of his unit installation. We have a female Islamist named Linda Sarsour calling for jihad in America. And we now learn that our military harbored and reinstated a radicalized Islamic jihadist wearing our uniform. This folks is what we call FUBAR!

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