Obama turns up AGAIN to stir the pot, but this time it’s serious

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Six months after leaving the Oval Office, former President Barack Obama has decided to reenter the world of politics, news that’s sure to have conservatives across the country letting out a collective groan.

Obama’s first “official” political outing since handing the White House over to Donald Trump is a fundraiser for a specific group that could play a large role in helping the Democrat Party rebuild.

According to The Washington Post, Obama’s appearance Thursday before a few dozen people at a closed-door event in the District on behalf of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) highlights the balance he is trying to strike as his party seeks to regain its footing at both the state and national levels. Obama does not want to cast “a long shadow,” in the words of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, but he remains a central figure for a party that has yet to settle on a single strategy to combat President Trump.

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Perez said in an interview Sunday that while some Democrats have urged Obama recently, “You’ve got to get out front on issue X or issue Y,” the former president wants instead to “build the bench” for the party. Democrats suffered a greater loss of power during Obama’s tenure than under any other two-term president since World War II.

“Because tomorrow’s president is today’s state senator. And he knows that very personally,” said Perez, referring to Obama’s experience as a state senator in Illinois. “When you lose 900 state legislative seats, those are people who could have been the next governors and senators and Cabinet positions, and that is something that he’s very committed to.”

The NDRC’s executive director, Kelly Ward, would not say how much the fundraiser is expected to bring in. But she said Obama “still has such a microphone” to help convince donors to invest in state-level races and help in “shining a light” on a phenomenon that influences the outcome of elections year after year.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of both Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party has taken quite a beating, and it’s going to take a whole lot of work to change public perception and make their platform relatable to the average American.

Part of the reason Democrats have imploded is because of the constant pushing of political correctness, combined with a seeming inability to understand basic economic concepts, partnered with a level of obscene corruption that has made many of the party’s darlings almost impossible to trust.

Can Obama alone change that?

Given how much support President Trump still has, it looks as if an overhaul of their platform will be necessary to win folks back, and it’s doubtful this will happen.

[This article was written by Steve Parker]
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