Something STRANGE has happened to gun sales since Trump’s inauguration

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It was just a year ago when this nation was embroiled in a contest that would define the future of our Republic. As we were ending the eight years of the Obama reign, facing the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency, there were many concerns. Yes, there were the typical issues of our fiscal standing, debt, deficits, and regulatory environment.

We were all concerned about the continued decimation of our military. The folks in coal producing states such as West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and elsewhere were praying that the destruction of their way of life would end. There were countless other concerns, such as the U.S. Supreme Court, and illegal immigration. But there was one very big concern about a certain individual liberty, a right, and that was the Second Amendment. Barack Obama had been a one-person sales representative for the gun industry, and a year ago he was busy instituting new regulations via the ATF and other agencies.

Ok folks, so let’s have that very necessary conversation. The Second Amendment is a right, a constitutional right. It is a right for any law-abiding, legal, American to keep and bear arms.

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Donald Trump won the election, so what has happened with the surge in gun purchases – many by women — in the United States?

As reported by our friends over at the Free Beacon, “Firearms-related background checks remained near all-time highs in June despite falling below 2016’s record pace, FBI documents released on Thursday show.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) had 1,901,768 requests ran through it during June. That’s about 230,000 fewer than in June 2016 but higher than any other June since the NICS program began in 1998. It continues 2017’s trend of background check numbers being either the highest or second highest on record. The previous month, May, set an all-time record with 1,942,677 NICS checks. June’s numbers were also down from May as the gun industry enters the summer slow season where sales are traditionally lower than in other months.

The number of NICS checks in a month are a good barometer of how many gun sales have taken place in that month because NICS checks are required on nearly all sales made through licensed gun dealers. The number of NICS checks are not a one-to-one representation of gun sales for a variety of reasons, however. Most states do not require a NICS check for sales between private citizens on the secondary market, some states accept gun carry permits in place of a NICS check for gun purchases, and more than one gun can be sold under a single NICS check.

Now, I must admit, I was one of those NICS background checks for the month of June. I purchased a Mossberg 20 gauge tactical shotgun with a pistol grip, for Aubrey and had it sent to her in West Virginia. Ya know, nothing says Daddy loves his daughter like buying her a nice home defense weapon.

But, are we out of the woods yet when it comes to securing our Second Amendment right? I would say no, there are still many lower court judges appointed in the Obama years who will rule against our right. The first thing we must endeavor to correct is the sense of national reciprocity.

Yes, here I am in Texas, a legal, law-abiding gun owner with a concealed carry license. We must ask ourselves, why is it that we have some states who deny my Second Amendment right, or seek to implement rules and regulations to infringe upon that right? I mean, if unelected jurists on the Supreme Court can create a new right for marriage and rule that all states must obey…then what is the issue with our Second Amendment right? This has to be a legislative priority in this current Congress — ok, after healthcare and tax reform.

Also — and I did a little video about this at Defender Outdoors in Ft. Worth — we need to roll back the insidious regulation on carbine pistols. I mean seriously, adding a butt stock, collapsible or static, does nothing to change the physics or ballistics of the weapon. Therefore this last minute Obama implemented regulation on SBRs (Short Barrel Rifles) — what genius came up with that line of crap? — needs to be reversed. Neither my F1.223 or Sig Sauer MPX 9MM carbines can become a rifle based on a butt stock being added. So this was yet another one of those regulations that sought to infringe upon lawful gun owners, all ideological driven.

What’s the bottom line? Gun purchases in America have not seen a precipitous drop just because we have President Trump instead of President Hillary Clinton. That means the American people are still unsure about their personal safety and security. And why not, as we deal with the issue of criminal illegal immigrants. After all, we need to remember we can’t carry a police officer in our purses or on our hip. Personal security is just that: a personal responsibility. As well, we have folks like Linda Sarsour calling for jihad in America to remind us that the fight against Islamo-fascism, islamic jihadism, is real, and right here confronting us all.

The Second Amendment is our right. It’s a right we can ensure our children and grandchildren have as we secure it now, for them in the future.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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