Chelsea Clinton slams Trump for CNN tweet; gets totally DESTROYED

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Chelsea Clinton got shredded on Twitter after tweeting about President Trump’s CNN wrestling video — the one where he body slams the network that by now you’ve seen a million times. She learned the hard way that claiming the moral high ground is tough when your parents are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The president first posted the image on his social media account Sunday, leading to all sorts of outrage — nothing new there — as accusations flew that such a post would inspire violence against the media.

CNN’s Ana Navarro claimed such a tweet would lead to press members being murdered, and others who fell down the rabbit hole of knee-jerk emotionalism, actually called for the president’s impeachment.

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Chelsea, however, attempted a different approach.

TheBlaze is reporting, In a tweet on Sunday, Clinton noted that on the same day in 1776 that Trump made his controversial tweet, the Continental Congress was voting to officially declare independence from Great Britain. But 241 years later, the president of the U.S. was tweeting about being a WWE wrestler body-slamming the media.

“July 2, 1776: Continental Congress votes for independence. July 2, 2017: Trump auditions for @WWE,” Clinton wrote.

Of course, the implication of Clinton’s tweet is that Trump isn’t presidential, or at least that his tweeting and his controversial CNN tweet weren’t presidential. Clinton hammered home that point by contrasting it to what the American founding fathers were doing on that same day in the 18th century.

Indeed, many people shared Clinton’s sentiment. The tweet received more than 8,000 retweets and nearly 22,000 “likes.”

However, there were many, many others who disagreed with Clinton, and reminded her that she doesn’t really have room to talk about activity that isn’t presidential given the actions of her parents.

It seems clear that someone with parents like Chelsea’s should probably refrain from attempting to claim the moral high ground, particularly when it comes to corruption of character and someone being unfit for elected office.

What’s that saying about glass houses and stones?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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