NEW “resistance” movement builds, but this one conservatives can get behind

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While liberals continue to push an amorphous “resist” campaign (it’s unclear what they’re specifically resisting), a true resistance movement is growing in Iran, where there’s optimism about President Trump’s ability to help loosen fundamentalists’ grip on the Islamic republic.

As promised, Donald Trump is beginning to ramp up the pressure against the theocratic regime in Iran, in an attempt, once and for all, to roll back the disastrous policies (i.e. Iran nuclear deal) that went into effect under the Obama administration.

Leading the way is UN ambassador Nikki Haley, who boldly made the case to the UN Security Council last week that Iran must be dealt with as the world’s foremost state-sponsor of terrorism. In her speech, Haley called on the international community to condemn Iran for decades of violence and repression:

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“Iran’s destructive and destabilizing role in the Middle East goes far beyond its illicit missile launches. From Syria to Yemen and Iraq to Lebanon, Iran’s support for terrorism continues unabated.”

“The continuance of the Iranian regime’s destructive destabilizing behavior will prevent it from ever having a normal relationship with the United States and rest of the world, and the regime’s continual oppression of its own people speaks volumes of its true nature.”

Haley’s words resonated with Iran’s largest opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Supporters of the Resistance protested in solidarity outside of Paris today with newfound confidence that their demands for freedom and democracy will be answered. The Resistance’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, told Fox News:

“The Iranian resistance movement is in a new position and on the offensive in its showdown with the regime. Our resistance is an organized movement. The potential for an uprising exists within Iranian society.”

Rajavi emphasized the importance of the Iranian people as the key toward fulfilling this long-awaited goal:

“The United States and the international community must respect the desire of the Iranian people for regime change and recognize this right.”

“The overthrow of this regime, the mullahs’ regime, is the responsibility of the Iranian people and resistance…”

At the same time, however, Rajavi called upon Iran’s Arab neighbors to take affirmative steps toward limiting Iran’s expansionist tendencies across the Middle East:

“From the outset we have rejected this reactionary and bellicose policy and seek amicable relations with the rest of our neighbors to confront this regime, the Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps must be designated as a foreign terrorist group and evicted from the region. More sanctions need to be imposed on the regime.”

Whether the Resistance actually achieves their desired objectives is still unknown. However, if the administration continues to move away from the policy of appeasement and continues to empower the Iranian people toward some semblance of self-governance, change could very well be on the horizon.

[Note: This article was written by Zachary Smith]

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