HA: Actor’s anti-Trump protest backfires BIGLY

The celebrity most distraught by the election of Donald Trump is one who previously tried to resign himself from public life, Shia LaBoeuf. He’s been reasonably successful since many of you probably have no idea who he is.

In the wake of Trump’s victory, Shia set up a public live stream called “He Will Not Divide Us,” where he and others would mindlessly chant the phrase when they had the chance to do so. This was to go on for the entirety of Trump’s presidency. The alleged art-exhibit was constantly trolled by Trump supporters, and the exhibit was shut down by late February for unrelated reasons. Shia even got arrested at his own exhibit for assaulting a supporter he mistook for a Trump supporter.

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He then moved his protest to New Mexico, but that was shut down after gun shots were heard near the exhibit.

Finally, Shia had to move it to an unknown location where the camera only faced a flag pole (with a flag that stated, “He Will Not Divide Us).


For the trolls over at “alt-right” website, 4Chan, this quickly became a game of capture the flag.

But how to find it? A local news story about Shia allowed people to track his location to Greenville, Tennessee the day before the stream with the flag went live. From that point on, the location of the flag was tracked by comparing plane contrails with flight-path data to try to find the exact position.

This somehow worked.


Once the exact location was discovered, anyone watching the livestream would’ve seen the flag gradually lowered – and then replaced with a Trump hat.

How will “He Will Not Divide Us” part four unfold? Stay tuned to find out. Clearly some folks have too much time on their hands, but it certainly is entertaining.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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