Ha! Notice anything STRANGE about Obama’s new DC mansion?

Remember that exciting night in November when we knew Hillary wouldn’t be moving into the White House? And that day we were looking forward to when B. Hussein Obama was moving out? Well he didn’t move too far, as we know. They’re staying in town until daughter Sasha graduates from school.

So they found a lovely brick house to rent in the meantime which looks perfect, except for one thing.

It needs a wall around it. You know, borders and fences and all that.

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TMZ reports, President Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump … he’s building himself a wall.

We got photos of construction at Obama’s soon-to-be D.C. rental. You also see construction in the garage. As we reported, it will become an office with a bathroom.


We broke the story … the rental will be home until Sasha graduates so the Obamas needed the property outfitted for the Secret Service and … it needed more fortification.

BTW…he’s getting a new neighbor. Ivanka Trump and fam moved nearby to a rental.

At least the landlords know the checks will clear.

Oh boy. It just never ends. Liberals are so entertaining. It would be great — if they also weren’t so damaging.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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