She’s BACK: Look what Hillary blames NOW for her loss…

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It was Hillary Clinton’s election to win… and she lost.

The media treated her as the inevitable Democrat nominee — and then winner of the presidential election — even before day one. Anyone who read the news this election doesn’t need to see a statistical analysis of the coverage to know it was slanted in one direction — in favor of Hillary.

In 1998, when defending her husband then-president Bill Clinton, she attributed the Lewinsky scandal to a “vast right wing conspiracy,” and in an appearance on Capitol Hill last night, she blamed a similar source for her shocking loss. As Hotair‘s Allahpundit writes: There’s no way to watch this clip and not detect the taste of sour grapes, just as there’s no way to watch the recent media/left hand-wringing over “fake news” and not see an attempt to explain away Trump’s shocking upset as some sort of grand scam.

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Hillary suggests here that Congress should take action against “fake news,” specifically foreign propaganda. What sort of action?

She states that as a result of this election, it’s now evident that fake news has consequences. It’s a “danger that must be addressed” according to her.

Allahpundit adds: I agree that “fake news” has real-world consequences. You know what else has real-world consequences? Not running ads in Wisconsin. Or not running ads anywhere for six months about what you plan to do for the average blue-collar voter.

Indeed. It also probably wouldn’t have hurt her to hold more rallies — or actually participate in press conferences.

Or maybe not surround oneself with scandal after scandal, while acting as if she’s above the law.

She acts as if there weren’t fake news stories targeting Trump — and no one from the mainstream media bemoaning the rise of “fake news” has yet to show that it’s disproportionately a problem in conservative circles.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]
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