Wisconsin officials drop TRUTH BOMB about recount

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Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised nearly six million dollars so far (according to her website) for lawyers and email fundraising companies an election recount effort in Wisconsin.

As the Washington Time reports, Stein filed a petition on Friday “to have a state recount on the sole grounds that data experts BELIEVE there may have been a cyberattack. They have no evidence, but contend that Democrat Hillary Clinton performed better where paper ballots, rather than electronic ones were used.”

I believe in unicorns too, but to date have found no evidence of them.

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The Washington Times asked commission spokesman Reid Magney if there has been any indication of hacking.

“No evidence of hacking,” Mr. Magney said in an email.

The commission previously issued a statement saying it will routinely audit the performance of a sample of machines, which must achieve a performance rate of no more than one mistake per 500,000 votes. Since performing the audit beginning in 2006, not one machine has failed, the commission said.

What’s astonishing is Stein raised less than $4 million in total for her entire campaign. Now she’s raking substantially more for what Donald Trump has called a “scam” and it’s hard not to agree.

Where does all that money go? Into somebody’s pockets for certain – lawyers, the companies that process the donations, write and send out email blasts, design and maintain her website. They’ll all be getting rich off a candidate who had no chance of winning, and a recount effort that won’t change the results.

Voters who demand a higher minimum wage and free college are gleefully donating millions of dollars to a completely fruitless, baseless cause.

Heck, even lefty Slate.com published seven reasons why Democrats should NOT contribute to the recount.

But as my ninety-year-old father often says to describe the liberal mindset: “Don’t bother me with facts, my mind’s already made up.”

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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