GROSS: Former Dem Senator posts jaw-dropping tweet supporting Hillary

Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis, famous for her deplorable defense of abortion, decided she needed to do her part to encourage folks to get out and vote today in support of her favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Did she take those 140 characters to talk up Clinton’s policies, to convince Americans she’s the kind of leader this nation needs right now to make positive changes to our economy?

Oh HECK no.

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Instead, she appealed to the fact Hillary was a woman and tweeted out a bizarre image of a cartoon Clinton wearing a sweater with a uterus on it.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Breitbart is reporting, Davis, who failed in her own effort to turn Texas blue when she ran for governor in 2014, has been trying to rally the state’s Democrat voters again this election season. In an Election Day message, Davis tweeted a cartoonish “SuperUterus” Hillary Clinton figure with the message “Who’s ready to elect the first woman president today??? #ImWitHer #ElectionDay”

Despite having more than 182,000 followers on her @wendydavis Twitter account, Davis’ lack of influence showed in her tweet which received less than 700 retweets as of the time of this publication.

Breitbart Texas reported on Davis’ prior attempts to stir up the base for Democrats in this election cycle. In September Davis proclaimed the historically red state of Texas as being in jeopardy of turning blue.

Davis made a weak attempt to lure dejected Bernie Sanders supporters.

“There are some lingering disappointments there,” she said. “But now is the time for all of us to pull together.” Sanders defeated Clinton in Austin’s Travis County by a 51-49 margin. Clinton did manage to carry the entire state of Texas by a larger margin. Sanders carried 13 counties in the Lone Star State, The New York Times reported.

This might be the worst — or at the least, the most disturbing — tweet of the entire day. Seriously.

When the only appeal you can make to voters on behalf of your candidate of choice is her reproductive organs, you’ve really hit bottom.

Regardless, the gender of the individual running isn’t or shouldn’t be an issue. Moral character, however, most certainly is, and boy oh boy, is Hillary severely lacking in that department!

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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