Pharrell stumps for Hillary, but what he says behind her back is JAW-DROPPING

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This past week, Hillary Clinton has been pulling out the stops trying to get the young and black vote behind her by giving out free tickets to shows featuring artists such Jay Z and Beyoncé. She managed to corral several thousand to her rally with them, except that most of the attendees left before she started to speak.

In the battleground state of North Carolina, Hillary trotted out Pharrell Williams, whose cheerful song “Happy” made him a giant star. He dutifully endorsed Hillary and particularly spoke out for women saying, I’m here because I believe she’s going to fight for us. Don’t you? She’ll work hard for America to fulfill a promise of a country where all men and women — women and women and women were created equal.”

Well, it’s interesting he seems to be such a champion of women’s rights because that’s not exactly what he sings about in his day job.

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Here’s a little sampling from his solo debut album “In My Mind” and the song “When Skateboard Came.”

Them bitches like “P, why you got that on?”
I’m like “B*tch stay in your lane
And give a n*gga brain”
Everlast ’till the break of dawn
When I pulled up in that big azz
That was white as cocaine
Backpackers thought my mind was gone
But when I pushed the up, u-u-up,up
B**ches, b*tches, b*tches, b*tches be like what

And this charming refrain…

She respect my d*ck
Like it’s break-fer-ast
She’s insecure, her girl want to get with this
The expressed bliss
Of what I’m blessed with
When I finger f*ck
the track it caress the gift

So lovely. For her part, Hillary says of the sensitive poet, I’m especially pleased to have Pharrell here. Every time I see him, which is not often enough, we always have a good conversation like we did before this event.

He always gets you to think. Not only is he a world-class talent, but he is a passionate advocate for issues.

Now if you’ll recall, Democrats were SHOCKED when Donald Trump was caught by a hot mic in a private conversation bragging about having his way with women – in fact Michelle Obama was “shaken to her core” by such language. Yet, she holds up Beyoncé as a perfect role model for her daughters.

We’ll leave you with this meme as a wonderful illustration of liberal hypocrisy. Enjoy.


[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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