PANIC: Look what Hillary was caught doing HOURS BEFORE debate…

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As the world eagerly anticipates tonight’s epic first debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the signs of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in moderate to severe freakout mode are everywhere.

The candidate herself went virtually dark on public campaign appearances for the better part of the past week or so — to “prep” (or rest up, you decide). Meanwhile, her campaign has been busy pressuring debate moderator Lester Holt and the media in general to fact-check Donald Trump for her (and now, Bloomberg TV has agreed to do so). They’ve demanded a special podium on the debate stage to make the Queen appear taller, while dealing the low blow of offering Trump’s nemesis-entrepreneur Mark Cuban a front-row seat to tonight’s big event.

They’ve also been in major spin mode, warning against grading Trump “on a curve” — one of the clearest signs yet that Team Hillary is worried tonight will by no means be a slam dunk for her.

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Adding a punctuation point to her panic is what we’ve learned the Democrat nominee was doing just this morning. As NBC News reports, just hours from the main event, Hillary Clinton and team were doing yet another mock debate. This time, including an “affable Trump” opponent.


Of course, nervousness may not be the *only* reason Hillary is doing another last mock debate before tonight. Personally, I (Michelle Jesse) figured the Queen needs a little more practice appearing “human” and “spontaneous.”

Others had a few additional ideas:

Sadly, none of us would be at all surprised if Hillary were slipped a copy of the questions beforehand — after all, it is the NBC (Nobody But Clinton) network hosting.

Even so, all the prep in the world may not prove to be enough for the Queen, given her apparent (lack of) stamina as of late.

Lucky for Hillary, Huma is on the case to remind her when it’s nap time.

[H/T The Gateway Pundit]

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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