CNN contributor finally admits the AWFUL truth…

Last month, CNN contributor Sally Kohn set the bar for “dumbest tweet of the year” when she posted “Hey @realDonaldTrump, many *progressive Muslims* — the ones we should support in ideological fight against extremism — believe in Sharia!!”

It was questionable why she would support a legal system that has a death sentence for homosexuality, when Kohn herself is a lesbian. A petition for her to spend a week in a country with Sharia law has since garnered nearly 12,000 signatures, and she hasn’t taken up the offer. I can’t blame her for that, as I’m sure she’s aware of the risks. Though that begs the question, does she really believe what she says?

I’m sure she does to some extent, but as she just revealed on the air, she’s fine with spinning the facts to fit her narrative.

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Via The Daily Caller

CNN commentator Sally Kohn admitted Monday that she is guilty of manipulating facts to help fit her chosen narrative. Kohn noted that she and fellow guest panelist Jeffrey Lord “are paid for [their] opinions.”

“We offer opinions,” she explained. “You and I also massage the facts to make them fit our side or the other.”

She pointed to her own bias as a reason there should be fact-checkers moderating presidential debates. “There does have to be, in the media, and in this election, some semblance of objectivity, and the fact is more people turn into that debate and won’t watch the commentary or read the analysis after the fact,” she continued.

Kohn stated that the Fox News debate with Chris Wallace “was fabulous where they had the Republican candidates on the stage and they used their own words and their own video clips to hold them accountable for things they’ve said before.”

“If Donald Trump says ‘I was against the Iraq War all along,’ and the American people hear him say that, they have — many do not have the grounds to know whether that’s a factual statement or not. It is it is a patently untrue statement. He has flip-flopped on this support for the Iraq War, Period. You can’t argue it. You can’t debate it. That’s a fact and the American people have the right to know the facts when it comes to both candidates. I can’t even believe we’re debating this as something that’s good for democracy.”

So Kohn is basically saying here that we need factcheckers because of people like her who get paid to twist the facts to a spin a narrative. At least she’s honest, I suppose? I can’t help but wonder if Kohn would approve of similar factchecking if it were to be applied to Hillary’s false statements regarding her private email server, Benghazi, the FBI probe into the Clinton Foundation, and a whole host of other claims she’s made. She seems to think that Donald Trump is the only person capable of changing his story.

[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]
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