Obama comes one step closer to fulfilling GITMO promise

  • People commonly complain about politicians breaking their campaign promises, but with a platform as liberal as Barack Obama’s, we should be glad he didn’t follow through with all he’s promised.

    One of his more questionable vows which is also a “broken promise” is closing Guantanamo Bay, which he campaigned on in both 2008 and 2012. For most of his presidency, Obama didn’t attempt to close GITMO but has reduced the number of prisoners held there (so they can return to fighting against us — well at least about 30 percent of them). It wasn’t until seven years after he took office that he submitted a plan to Congress to close GITMO last February. It’s no wonder he’s waiting until his final year in office before going through on his promise, as the public is aware of how insane it is, and Obama would like to be out of office before any consequences arise.

    That plan presented back in February had the target of closing GITMO once and for all.” The detention facility isn’t going to be abolished in one fell swoop, but President Obama just got one step closer to his goal.

    Via Fox News

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    The Obama administration has gotten one step closer to shuttering the Guantanamo Bay detention center, closing down a 100-cell maximum-security prison and moving to reduce the U.S. presence there. 

    A military official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday that the site known as Camp 5 will be closed, with parts of it turned into a medical clinic to “improve operations.” 

    “Camp V at Joint Task Force Guantanamo has been closed as a detention facility and repurposed into another function and the detainees consolidated,” spokesman Capt. John Filostrat said in a statement. 

    The development, first reported by The Miami Herald, is part of President Obama’s promise to close the detention center — an effort that continues to face fierce resistance in Congress. 

    Camp 5 is where problematic prisoners were sent, including those who went on hunger strikes as well as war criminals. They reportedly will be “consolidated” into another section known as Camp 6. 

    Filostrat told the Herald the rest are in a secret site called Camp 7. This is where 15 CIA captives — including the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and his accused accomplices — are being held. 

    Filostrat said troops started to move detainees from Camp 5 on Aug. 19 – a week after the Pentagon said it had sent 15 detainees to the United Arab Emirates as part of Obama’s plan to shrink the prison population. 

    The total detainee population is now at 61, and the administration plans to continue transferring out additional prisoners — though Congress has blocked transfers to the U.S, complicating the goal of shuttering the camp by the end of Obama’s presidency. 

    I guess coming through on this nearly eight years after the fact proves Obama is at least a man of his word? After all, he did promise to “fundamentally change America.” Hopefully there aren’t any other campaign promises he decides to revisit anytime soon.

    [Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]

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